Colin & Jill Percy, founders of 12 Metre Regatta, and Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement of sale for the acquisition of the award-­‐winning tour by Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten.

The closing of the transaction took take place during the summer 2018, with Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten continuing to operate the business from St. Maarten with a 4-­‐boat fleet, led by the Championship Stars & Stripes 55 – the boat that won the historic 1987 America’s Cup and in dramatic style returned the America’s Cup Championship to the USA.

12 Metre Regatta was founded in 1989 by Colin & Jill Percy and for many years has been recognized as one of the most unique and exciting tours in the Caribbean. In addition to Stars & Stripes 55, the 4-­‐boat fleet being acquired by Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten includes Stars & Stripes 56, Canada II and True North IV.

Delisle Walwyn St. Maarten is excited to have the opportunity to assume ownership of this iconic marquee tour and carry on the legacy created by Colin, Jill and the 12 Metre Regatta team.